Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Neon and Tail


Anonymous said...

Great blog! Once again, you keep me coming back. Where do you get all this stuff from?

Some Girl said...

-What's with all the squid porn?

-Green tea flavored western candy tastes like crap. For example, green tea Hershey's kisses make me wanna vom.

-My sister was given cocaine at the emergency room just today, as part of the treatment for her bloody noses.

-I demand to know were that cassette cabinet thing came from. I want it. (minus the dude.)

-That ass in the white dress is my favorite ass from this collection.

robotboy66 said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for saying so. There alot of different blogs and sites i check but one of my faves is: http://yimmyayo.tumblr.com/

robotboy66 said...

Some Girl,

First off: Squid porn does it for me. Second; where was your sister when she got cocaine from doctors and did it help? Third; the guy comes with the cassette cabinet and he'll help move it. Forth; that ass is one of the blogs featured asses.